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01-05-2013, 05:01 PM
Hi, I just got this game, loving it so far. (In fact it has blown me away)

I only have one short, mid and long-term request (the current implementation makes my heart bleed) :

Make ship models physically at least 60% smaller in sector space but keep the speeds where they are.

It really hurts immersion to see ships stacked on top of eachother, bumping into eachother, and generally a very cluttered feeling in Sector Space.

---------Less important requests:--------

-A new top-end NX Escort ship based on the Norway -> Oslo -> that is LESS carrier and MORE direct Damage-oriented. Make it look like the Norway class but updated. I know the CG model for the Norway was lost, but you should be capable of making a look-alike and getting it approved by CBS.

-A hybrid type alternative for the Cruisers and Science vessels too. At max level all you really want is ways to experiment, differentiate yourself, and play around with this game's innate flexibility. More ships should be added in the late game, and no sooner.

-Make a server algorithm to really spread people across instances in very popular zones. Like Earth Space dock. This clutter really makes me angry!