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01-05-2013, 05:19 PM
Originally Posted by mavhax View Post
Yes... since dealing top score in pugs means sooo much.

Actually it's not a perfect storm. It's not even close to min maxing. Not if you are fighting anyone better than some scrub pugs anyway. You're eating all of those eng slots (2 of the more important ones especially on a ship without LTC eng), and eating a large portion of your ability to support your allies. Cannons eat boff skills and or doffs like Pez Candy.

Now -I- am loling. You are lacking one of the best heal skills in the game if not the best assuming you're going for the total swing for the fences and having Plas3 or DEM3 in the Cmdr. (and you probably have EPTS3 in the spot below it) Or, are you going to use the Pathetic version of EPTS, EPTS1 which doesn't even come close to measuring up?

But hey if you wanna confuse being a Pugstar for actually bein usable. Be my guest.
You -still- aren't going to match the burst potential of an Escort, and your spam clearing capability just went into the toilet for going Fed Cannons. Oh and your burst damage? Welcome to The Suck Levels. I hope you enjoy your stay there. The only cannons the Excels can run are Singles, which are far far from being hot shots.

If your enemys are capable of moving around alot, teleporting or using the Z axis you're screwed. My ship on the other hand will just keep chugging along.

You've built a ''great'' (for a cruiser lol) offense platform And ate everything else in the process.
KDF side, the build works better because you have access to 2 tac stations. Lt Cmdr. You don't even need aux to batt to be a real crank monster on the FV. It still eating a healthy portion of it's capabity though as a cruiser if you aren't just rolling your face on the board like an idiot and hoping space bar and DHCs will be enough.

Beams are Low Opportunity Cost Weapons. They also have access to the second best spike damage skill in the game, in Beam Overload. It takes little if not 0 effort to run a hot loaded beam boat.

Let me see if I can summarize your disagreement here.

Beams = Good if using few (or no) abilities to enhance them
Cannons = Good if using several abilities to enhance them

To which I must ask the following question. Why are you not just using turrets? Aside from spam cleaning that is.
- No need to overcap
- Better Glider effect
- Better DEM effect
- Better firing arc
- Same raw damage