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# 11 Leaving New Romulus
01-05-2013, 08:31 PM
The Odyssey is near New Romulus on an aid mission. Captain Carter was called upon to do some work for Section 31. After meeting with a mysterious Romulan, he is en route back to the Odyssey.

Commander T'Panna stared at the message on her terminal, wondering how to proceed.

You two are a cute couple. Defend him when he gets back.

No sender was identified. It came immediately prior to a hail from Starfleet Security, who declared that T'Panna and Captain Carter were under arrest for digging into the Section 31 fiasco. Logic dictated that Section 31 still had an agent on the Odyssey, or that the central computer was somehow rigged to let them remotely access it.

Unfortunately, informing security chief Hillel about the message would reveal that she and Captain Carter were having a personal relationship that clearly defied numerous regulations. T'Panna had abandoned logic for the sake of pleasure - something that her Vulcan grandmother and namesake would be mortified to hear.

T'Panna decided to wait until Carter returned to confirm everyone's suspicions about Section 31. Instead she wondered what their end game was. Why steal a ship and force the captain to go on a mystery journey?


Seventeen minutes later, the runabout Pauling came into transporter range. Carter beamed directly into his ready room while a junior engineer fetched Pauling. The switch probably bought Carter three extra minutes, so clearly he was troubled. T'Panna immediately joined Carter to hear the news.

Carter was pacing the room. "I met with a Romulan who claimed that Donatra and the Borg are behind everything on New Romulus. The mystery Romulan is going to take out the leadership during the summit with the Federation president. Did anything happen here?"

T'Panna smiled. "Nothing much, sir. Starfleet Security hailed us and decreed that you and I are under arrest for violating our orders to forget about the Section 31 incident. But thankfully Hillel hasn't found the time to lock us up. The entire senior staff and bridge crew will end up in trouble for not placing us under arrest."

Carter sat down at his desk and started rubbing his chin. "What can we do? I doubt many will believe us."

Glotz's voice came in on the speaker. "Sorry to disturb you Captain, but you have an incoming transmission from your wife, and it is flagged as urgent. Shall I patch it through?"

"Sure. I'll give her two minutes. Thank you Lieutenant."

Carter sat up straight. He didn't object to T'Panna being able to see the screen. She was outside the desk camera's range.

"Mary. I hate to admit it but I'm in a bit of a bad situation here. What's urgent?"

"It's good to see you too. I know that you've talked about growing distant and possibly wanting a divorce, but with the new year here on Earth, I've been thinking a lot about my mistakes and how to turn over a new page in our relationship. Now that my father passed away two months ago, I don't have any pressing reason to stay here. Would you be ok with me joining you on the Iliad?"

"Mary it's the Odyssey, not the Iliad. And honestly" - he instinctively turned to T'Panna - "I think I'm past the point of reconciliation. I'm sorry."

The room was silent for a while. Carter shuffled in the chair.

Mary's face went from sad to suspicious. "Why do you keep looking off to your left? You aren't alone, are you? What's her name?"

"Goodbye." Carter cut the connection and started scratching his bald head. "Now my wife knows about our relationship. What else could go wrong?"

"Section 31 knows too. I received an anonymous message telling me we were a cute couple and that I should defend you. It came in less than a second before Security hailed us. They apparently have full access to our ship."

Immediately the image of Section 31's emissary appeared before them. "Hello again Captain. Don't you love holoprojectors? And yes Commander, we do have full access to your ship. So naturally we overheard your conversation and have already informed the civilian leadership about the threat you described.

"You've done a great deal of service. Now before I let you go, did the Romulan say anything else?"

"Actually, he did. The telecommunication satellites orbiting New Romulus have Thalaron emitters built into them. They can probably irradiate the entire planet on a moment's notice."

"Understood. We've known that Romulans are crafty for a long time, but every now and then they surprise even me. Was that all Captain?"

"Yes. So now you just disappear and I become a fugitive? Thanks a lot, but next time find a different ship to play around with."

"Oh Captain, you underestimate me. Do you really think that I can't placate Admiral Leavenworth? The charges against you will be dropped once your intelligence is confirmed to be accurate. And I probably will call again - time has taught me that officers who refuse to work with us end up being the best agents. Since you are human, enjoy your new year - and leave New Romulus as soon as possible."

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