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# 133 Why not...try this?
01-05-2013, 07:44 PM
I understand everyone in this game shares a certain attachment or love for one particular design or another of a ship. Heck we all do, it's what makes this game great, and continues to do so. So I propose this, and this honestly cannot be this difficult. With all that the C-Store has offered us in the past, present and soon to be future, why not allow us to purchase the parts of the ships we love the most, designed the way we love them the most. Example:

I fell in love with the Nebula Class ship from TNG the first day I saw it (with the triangular pod, not circular), but hated that it was not in the game for a long, long time. Once it came out, oh yeah, I ponied up the $$ and bought it. Played it to death. Was my flagship, until I watched the movie First Contact...then wanted a Sovereign. Anyways, Sovereign didn't exist yet, so bought next closest, "Space Whale" (Star Cruiser) and configured it as it was a larger version of the Nebula. My point being, with all these parts now just "floating" about, what if I wanted the Naucelles of the Nebula on the Star Cruiser? Just a little bigger? Heck if Simon and Schuster could do it with a DOS based proggie, why not Cryptic, on a larger scale?

Where I'm leading with this is I'm sure it's within Cryptic's power to create a Planitia Fleet Yard, where we can create such vast designs and not ruin the fun of playing the game. Keeping in mind that your rank and your officer allow only so many types of slots for your BO's, thus, no matter what the design of the ship, you are still playing within the rules.

Secondly: After said purchase, what if you decide to decommission said ship, but friend says, "No way dude, I wanna buy it from you"... (and yes I'm taking this directly from another MMO, because in fact, this is how it grew to where it is now), sales of your old stuff (ship design) could be money for you (Zen) to buy a new item, and make an old friend happy... Just food for thought. I think it should really work out well... (and no you're not gonna put a tricobalt device launcher in the Captain's Yaught that's silly, but you can add it to the scenery or transporter option of the ship when in instead of having to go to ESD, or anywhere else to change ships, you could go aboard your local ship's transporter, and take the yaught out for a spin, or shuttle, runabout, or delta flyer...)

Just my humble opinion....

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