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Originally Posted by bbaetens View Post
Yes it was CO sorry for the wrong name

FYI: so your dad rewarded you with money and congrats wen you did half a job then? i don't think that anyone of us got congratz for a half job! that's wat STO is, half job! no offence again to your love for Star Trek, but its time to open up a bit and really see the things for what they are. and yes it is my given right to educate others, or at-least try.
No, but when you're recognized for something, no matter how trivial it may seem, show enough respect to acknowledge it instead of having to post "you didn't deserve it and how dare you ask the community to congratulate you!!!".

Do it on another thread. People are human, and you don't have to be a damned perfectionist. It's not "love for Star Trek", it's common decency.

Besides, most of us know this game could certainly be a hell of a lot worse. It isn't exactly the Congressional Medal of Honor, STO offices aren't being visited by the President, and they're not scheduling ticker tape parades through the streets of San Francisco, CA. It's a simple, token award. Let them have it in peace.
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