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01-05-2013, 08:16 PM
I admit I almost 1 shotted Donatra on elite before when all my mines critted for 250k+ with the highest one doing 292k. Even though its possible to do this, I still don't think that its overpowered. Something like this does not happen often, and it takes a lot of points to spec into maxing all the skills needed to pull this off, and a completely dedicated build that can't do anything except use tricobalt mines and torpedos effectively.

The usual escort who is running dpb3 trico mines is not buffing it with consoles and doesn't have maxed projectile weapon specialization, he isn't hitting for anywhere near this amount, its not really a big problem. Most tricobalt mine users I see in STFs are only getting 100k -150k range per mine on crits, at most its not unbalancing anything by them doing that.