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M'kay, I should have made this a little bit more clearer before. Sorry my fault.

What I mean is that all of the canon ships should be kept because otherwise the game wouldn't be the same. The sister classes however that cryptic developed such as the cochrane, quasar, vesper; many of them should look more futuristic (as in 25th century or late 24th). They should look sleek; more eye catching and advanced. A lot of those sister vessels however are bulky looking, not eye catching or futuristic looking; hell they don't even look like they were built to exceed warp 8, let alone travel at slipstream.

What would be nice to see is the non canon sister starships look more eye catching, more advanced and futuristic and sleek.

Oh and by the way, I think the community manager a brilliant person who goes beyond his job at cryptic. Good on you mate.
So what you're saying is just that you think that, for the most part, the alt-configuration designs Cryptic came up with in the early days are terrible. I agree with you wholeheartedly (with some few exceptions - notably, mostly the ones that lean towards 'sleeker', so we agree there too) and wonder if you've actually seen the abomination that is the Imperial Class up close and held your lunch. I daresay that some, like the Galaxy-variant Emissary, are just plain daft and barely an improvement over the 'legoprise' used in some early Cryptic publicity screenshots. This is, however, all subjective.

That said, at least we don't have the 'dog with an itchy butt'-Class Enterprise-F from Perpetual's vaporware. At least the Odyssey is an eldritch abomination with strange non-euclidean geometry rather than a worm-afflicted canine.
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