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01-05-2013, 09:44 PM
Originally Posted by senshibat01 View Post
yes past the school dayz you know it be real
thinking the boss may change the mind and call you in on weekend..

dread pace phone light did it blink when out of range with poor service plan making them
lower your next level rating . .but no.. safe to sneak off with papa and buy a wifi usb fob

YAY.. simple things are so valuable now.. knowing the office is always closed Sunday and Saturday cut off for call-ins FREE us.. to possible patch Stop and run a autograph race
i have 50 lobi and doubt ill can receive 100 autographs before the thing ends with the schedule and sto crashes last 2 weeks.. still it was a nice thought a new different look ship if that and nothing else a nice thing.. .

So have a nice Day JC Z and all the company
That's where contract work is nice. I don't have to work any hours and days I don't want to. It gives me a flexability a regular job wouldn't and I am thankful I can make a half decent living at it. Whether it's 2 month vacations in England or a week visiting friends somewhere, etc. I like being able to make the time for things and for very special people like Z. It may not always be the most consistant job in the world and with government cuts, it just makes for less work but I will keep at it as long as it allow me to pay the bills with enough left over and gives me the free time I want.