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01-05-2013, 10:00 PM
Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
Or you can stop trying to...

You're suggestions are all "use something else to drain shields".

Tachyon has one ability: drain shields.

If the suggestion is to use something else, then it clearly is not fulfilling its function (which it isn't).

Tachyon in its current state is a waste of a LTC slot against NPCs.

370 per pulse, or even 500 per pulse, is irrelevant against the giant shield allotments of NPCs - whether used to "ehance" (lol) your weapons or otherwise.

Can't be dodged?

When was the last time an NPC dodged nearly anything?

The only NPCs that even have a remotely decent defense score to "dodge" things are fighters and torpedos. Everything else moves like its mired in mud, and you will have a 95% or higher hit rate against using 0 ACC weapons.

For the record, that's 3 different people telling you that you are incorrect in 3 different ways.

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