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01-05-2013, 11:08 PM
As long as they're still part of the collective, they are enemy combatants and have to be fought as such. That doesn't mean they're dead or un-people (regardless of what the CIA thinks), it's just a kind of unpleasant truth.

Break the local vinculum net though, and they become refugees to be rescued. The Fed has the medical tech to physically roll back assimilation, so once a drone population is disconnected from the collective, there is a moral obligation to treat them as people and refugees in need of care. A connected drone is to be treated as an enemy by default, a disconnected drone is to be treated as a wounded friendly by default, simple as.

That also means that the strategic objective should always be to disconnect rather than kill if at all possible. It will probably be necessary to kill to accomplish that, but that should always be the end goal in mind.

Lingering physical or mental trauma is not a factor. That's just daft. Try telling a wounded vet in a wheelchair that he should've been left to die where he fell because he's clearly no good for anyone now. Try telling a r4p3* victim that she shouldn't even bother trying to put her ordeal behind her and getting her life back, because even the faintest lingering twinge makes her as good as catatonic rubble in your eyes. Trauma happens, sometimes people recover fully, sometimes they don't, but a functional recovery (like Picard) is anything but a lost cause simply because they can't get absolutely totally 100% back to the way they were before.

*Sorry for the 1337-speak BS, but that is NOT a word that should be censored.

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