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01-05-2013, 11:47 PM
Originally Posted by archofwinter View Post
While this sounds like a good idea, I feel like it would brake immersion of the game (except on cases of small craft)

This has to make sense, I feel like.
So, if you are flying Odyssey and owns a Fleet Aquarius Escort, then it would make sense for you switch on the fly.

Small crafts on the other hands should come with some limitation as well.
Escort is small so let say, you can only carry two. So you can only pick from a list of two small crafts you own.
However, on a large cruiser and carrier, you can house a fleet of small crafts. So your selection on the fly before PvP and PvE will be larger.

For ships, I feel like you should limit to only one ship to switch on the fly. Say you order that ship to warp in to your position and you make a switch that way.

I really don't think it would be an issue. This game isn't exactly immersion heavy in the first place. Swapping ships needs to be a lot easier, right now it's a hassle. That might have been fine a couple years ago, but by now almost everyone has multiple ships geared out that they like to fly.