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01-05-2013, 11:36 PM
Originally Posted by jtoney3448 View Post
And they said its less a pve issue and more a pvp issue. And i can completely see how getting nailed by 250-1million dmg could ruin someones day in pvp. But honestly you shouldnt be landing almost any mine/heavy torpedo hit in most pvp battles.

There is enough x ACC weapons w/ FAW/CSV going to nail them. And while insanely powerful you might be dmg wise you still die like everyone else. A simple fix would be to just set a player dmg reduction to tricobalt mines.

But like most things cryptic will go and tip the scale 95% out of balance and nerf them into uselessness.

I loved my build and i made it specificly for STFs though i never bothered to fully max all the dmg out on it as 1mill in a pass i think does the job. STF wise it honestly needs to be left alone for the most part. In KAE it allowed me to take low dps groups and still get the optional. People could then play the ships they wanted low dmg or other wise without getting gipped for cryptics poor idea of gameplay.

I could take 3 cubes, 12 generators, 3 transformers, while 3 guys killed 1 cube 4 genrators 1 transformer and probes, leaving last guy to get probes on other side. Then i could fly back blow 30-50% off the gate in a pass and continue on from there.

You want to make the game dmg based then nerf high dmg builds because of pvp that you say is dead? K... lets toss out that this build isnt going to 1 shot everything in the game player,npc, or otherwise. Make Tri mines cooldown 30 sec, leave dmg as is, and make it not work with dispersal patterns. That means we could drop 4 mines a min with 2 launchers with less mines to target pvpers could cry less about their dead aspect of the game, npc's could cry less that we pwned their face in one pass, and we can all go back to crying about borg instagib invis torpedos, oh thats not fixed still?

*sarcastic thumbs up*

In all fairness, how bout you really fix pvp by i donno WORKING ON IT NOT IGNORING IT. No new maps, no pvp gear, no nothing in 3 years. Ya mines are the problem heh.
Sarcastic thumbs up to cryptic. Plus one.