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01-05-2013, 11:40 PM
Everyone saying these shouldn't work in pvp cause CSV FAW ect ect... are not really considering that the mines are all MESed.

Sorry CSV and faw are both not all that effective as in general you don't see them unless your with in 3k. The only reliable AOE I know of to control them is Gravity Well.

They are much more effective in pvp then you would expect... if you hid them in a spam overload setup with a carrier or 2 and a sci or 2 throwing out a couple spam fleets. There is a very good chance of landing these things on the Spam worst case... causing disables and shutting off Extends with no skill required. That is there real issue in PvP as I see it. If I am going to spam a bunch of tricos if I get one kill in a match thats cool and all... but in general its the annoyance of the AOE disables that will win a match for a team in a close match.

There really is no defending there mechanics as they are... if your going to put one tric mine on the back... you might as well put 2... 30s is not that bad of an out time... one Pattern will cover both launchers making for 2-8 out per min... which I will agree isn't fantastic coverage. However throw that into a typical PvP Spam field and even if 1-4 of them in that min just hit spam the AOES are going to be good enough to ensure your 1-2 kills the old fashioned cannon escort way... cause someone is going to have there extend knocked off, or there healer distracted long enough to do the deed.

As far as it being a PvP issue alone and not a PvE issue... come on I can throw them on my brel and one shot gates at will... how is that not a PvE issue. I don't think the game was designed with the intention for me to stroll up to a gate that hasn't been argoed by anyone... buff up drop 4 mines and laugh when 300k 300k 300k 300k rolls up and it goes boom.