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Originally Posted by kurtzroy View Post
Orbital weapons should only really be used as a final solution for several reasons. Irreversible environmental damage, friendly fire, innocent bystanders vaporized etc. If I where president of the UFP I'd be dusting off old earth/terran empire ground tactics, barbaric but effective.
That highlighted bit.

"Federation News: Special Report - 212 Dartarian school children and teachers were killed today when the Federation Starship U.S.S. nOObSlayer fired on the building from orbit. Their Intelligence gathering had suggested that enemy forces were occuping the structure to launch attacks on war relief and aid station. Security forces took control of the site after the bombardment. No enemy casualties were found in the rubble."

That bit is why Air Superiority has only worked in warfare do to a dedicated ground element to make it work. Wars/Skirmishes/Peace Keeping that has been conducted extensively by air sureriority, hasn't worked. Strategies were changed to implement dedicated ground force.

Special operations groups augmented with air superiority, haven't worked. They needed more dedicated ground forces.

This is why wartime tactics have been written to revolve around ground forces, more specifically, the Infantry. Everything is there to support them in war.
This is not as good as it used to be...