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01-06-2013, 12:00 AM
Originally Posted by reximuz View Post
Romulan marks are crazy easy to get via epohh breeding, and you can do most of the work to get them while offline. While I wouldn't be sad if the sets were as powerful, to say the journey to tier 5 is equally difficult is not at all true. I got 1300 Romluan marks from the winter epohhs without more then 5-10 mins a day effort, and had I been really serious about it I could have gotten a lot more. How long would it take to get 1300 Borg marks?
You're like a replay of fleet chat. Folks droning on and on -blah-blah-blah- about how easy it is to get RM's if you're JUST willing to play paddy cake with alien rabbits. I don't logon the STO because I want to simulate livestock breeding, and I don't care HOW easy it is.

Cryptic would serve its customer base far better by presenting multiple ways to and end.