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01-06-2013, 12:32 AM
There are several easy solutions to MES part as well as the rest, but cryptic will chose the most oddball over the top complicated fix they can imagine. As i said if you simply remove the use of dispersal, make it 30 sec cooldown with 15 sec global thats 1/2 the mines you can lay now in 1 min with 2 launchers and all spaced out so no massive wtf pwned moments yet still leaves them as viable weapons.

Though honestly i think people worried about 300k hits in pvp are forgetting that you can easily do 100k dmg with 4 quatum torpedos fully buffed, and 100k or 300k your just as dead. The quatums arent targetable to boot. Does it need adjusted sure, i dont like total rampage on someone in pvp but pvp is a bit of a joke in any state of the game since launch. If they really gave a *uck about pvp they would be more concerned about all that stuff not just the mines.

And sadly and easiest solution to pvp vs pve problems is a pvp % dmg reduction in pvp areas. Was something we had in SWG for a long time once it was removed it became a total spike dmg kill fest. Currently thats all pvp is here. Rather them fix the whole problem not just a symptom of it.