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Originally Posted by romuzarii View Post
The bonus is about 1 second faster at 10 KM which takes about 1 second per km for a HY energy bolt to reach it's target. It's not much of a bonus. I would only consider using this set for such a reason if the speed was increased considerably, and even then I'd be hard pressed to use it over adapted or omega or maco or Jem. Frankly the 2 piece bonus should be switched to 30% plasma torp damage. That would actually be useful. That would probably make me happy with the romulan set despite being nearly identical to reman, because that's just how useless increasing your plasma torp speed really is.

Maybe it's considerably faster with mkxii versions, but it's slow as dirt with mkxi blue. Still, I doubt I'll be using these sets over everything else out there. I would love a reason to use reman/romulan. I'll even purchase them. No doubt about it or else I wasted my time getting to tier V. But they'll just sit around collecting dust, so I guess I wasted my time getting to tier V anyways.
I have only tested it with the Romulan Hyper torpedo and they all remain very slow, both normal and HY ones. Does it even work with the hyper torpedo, because the HY ones did not seem to outrun the normal ones?
Also, I think all torpedos from the Romulan launcher should benefit from the bonus as they are basically all just small and big targetable 'HY' torpedos.

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You're like a replay of fleet chat. Folks droning on and on -blah-blah-blah- about how easy it is to get RM's if you're JUST willing to play paddy cake with alien rabbits. I don't logon the STO because I want to simulate livestock breeding, and I don't care HOW easy it is.

Cryptic would serve its customer base far better by presenting multiple ways to and end.
I tried to ignore this silly space rabbit hunt when season 7 started because it seemed unfitting for a KDF character, but then I noticed that this is actually the only option to get a decent amount of Romulan Marks. The rewards from Azure Nebula Rescue is laughable in comparison. So I got over it and started tagging some Epohh's *sigh*