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01-06-2013, 04:03 AM
Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
For Rommie marks: EPOHH FARMING. In 4 days you can get 400 marks. And if you keep up a constant chain you can literally do this EVERY DAY. So after 4 days, you get 400 marks ever day. As long as you keep on epohh tagging.
Okay so I stand corrected; in that case the problem is that Romulan marks can't be earned reliably enough from space combat, which is the only reason I play STO in the first place

I dunno, I didn't get my character to the rank of Vice Admiral to see them running around catching little bunny... things. If I wanted to do that I'd play a Pok?mon game; the big appeal of STO for me has always been space combat, as running around doing menial work on the ground has been the main reason for me quitting other MMO's as soon as the trial period runs out (if not sooner). Maybe that's just my problem, but grinding of romulan marks in space is pathetic, and while I don't mind visiting New Romulus now and then, I don't want to grind marks there.