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01-06-2013, 04:15 AM
Originally Posted by bohiap View Post
I've read that the cutting beam/tractor beam is pretty lethal but has a long cooldown. Other than that is there a benefit to having both borg sets?
*facepalms* Didn't think to try the contextual menu, I just expected an icon like on ground gear, thanks!

Yeah the tractor beam takes 4 minutes I think to cooldown, so I have a regular tractor beam as well (with a tractor beam shield drain duty officer), since I find it useful for pinning targets once I have my front cannons to bear. The borg tractor beam does some serious damage, coincidentally I've found it to be one of the best anti-borg tools in PvE since you can use it on nanite transformers and such; it does more damage than a normal tractor beam (it does kinetic damage x25 rather than x20) and the 2,040 extra damage with a cutting beam is just nasty, especially since the cutting beam is no slouch on its own, the two combined can make a torpedo salvo hurt even more than normal.