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Originally Posted by zerobang View Post

things that are odd:

#2 complaint: it is a silly activity that would in any mmo at best be a tutorial exercise, but in Star Trek Online it is "Endgame Content". So in the tutorial i shoot Borg and then Klingons, but at Endgame i run in circles pressing F tagging rabbit thingies... i think the Game Designers of STO got their gameplay experience reversed a bit here? Or maybe i'm just not the Target audience for this specific quest.

things i do NOT like:

- i do not like that all the Reputation XP projects are the exact same, there is no Gameplay consideration to earning these XP, it is just a 3 types of currency sinks, Marks, eXPertise, and EC.

- i do not like that Hypos are one of the things i have to slot, it messes around with my powertray,

my next Logitech G700 is better be paid for by dStahl he already broke 2 of them by this mouse clicking madness.

It is annoying like hell, it requires a crazy amount of inventory / bank slots, you can't even buy them in mass and bank a few stacks because even with maximum Bank slots purchased it still fills up everything.

next point:

And the Dev's don't learn, they keep doing it over and over again, everytime new content is introduces they add some obsolete new currency to it to make us play it.
Newsflash: we want to play new content because it's NEW and FUN, not because some Number on a screen tells us to do 3 more to get X !

- There should be a cancel button!
i can cancel DOff Assignments and get my items back, the same should be possible for the Reputation System, probably could use the same code with a few adaptations.

Final Word:

The reputation system is BORING.

I had hoped for something FUN, i don't know, a list of Accolades/Achievemts/mission Goals to reach to get the XP instead of this simplistic currency grind might have been fun.

I don't care how time intensive or hard to achieve it is as long as it's FUN (just nothing impossible please.)
You're absolutely right!

Tag eppoh is annoying, the reputation system is boring and there is no end game content.

The devs do not know to create end game content, then they create silly mini games and then attached new items and rewards. This is the formula for the new season!