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You'll have to forgive me, I had PvP in mind. And if you asked me of Tachyon beam was useless on NPCs, I would agree whole-heartedly due to their insane amounts of HP and shields.

But on the flip side, again with PvP in mind, you can't really buff it without causing an uproar on that end of the spectrum. I seem to remember that things like tachyon beam being too effective were the reason that a lot of sci powers (tachyon beam included) got nerfed. Hard.

For it to work properly on NPCs, you would need to do a minimum of 1k per pulse. MINIMUM. And that's just for small mobs, like spheres and NPC cruisers. To be effective on the boss level ships (dreadnought class ships), it would need to be almost 4k per pulse. Now imagine that being used in PvP. Suddenly it becomes Science Ships Online (granted I would highly approve of this and find it VERY amusing). Not exactly what we want... to say nothing of the rage and nerf threads that would appear (*cough cough* tier 4 omega superior shield regen passive... *cough cough*).
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