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well i have a list i've been mulling over for a while, not sure where some lie but most are probably long term:

Photonic/Android playable race - have the ability of a player to play as an Emancipated Hologram (Voyager's emergency medical hologram for example) or an Android (as TNG's own Cmdr Data) with specific perks for either race

The Black MACO armor - make available the black MACO armor 'worn' by the photonic guards of Facility 4028, it could be just a reskin or a whole new set with slightly different stats

More Costume Options for the KDF - it cannot be stated enough that people who play KDF (like myself) feel left out when it comes to clothing options, there just aren't enough, while there are a few in the lobi store, they require MUCH more zen to accumulate the necessary lobi for than it does for Starfleet players to acquire their clothing (which can be bought for zen straight from a tailor). Perhaps allow KDF players to do the same as Federation, buy extra clothing straight from a tailor for zen.

Ferengi Shield/Space set - just an idle thought of adding a Ferengi Space set, especially with a shield that would alter the ship's hull skin to look like it were Latinum plated

Lobi Daily missions - Lobi crystals are VERY expensive when you take into account the cost in zen of lockbox keys, maybe make a daily mission or two that would net you around the same amount of lobi crystals as a single lockbox, and perhaps STF's as well with long (say 10 hour?) timers that would pay out more, you could even add a Lobi crystal 'event' much like the fleet marks and reputation events.

Nanopulse Edge Sword - yes i know we already get the Lirpa and Bat'Leth from the Winter event, but can you blame a girl for wanting to accessorize? ^^ Also i have been told it would 'infringe' on the Star Wars copyright on lightsabers (ponders the energy absorption ability of the tholian crystal sword and it's subsequent energy blade graphic), well i say that it's hogwash, add a simple metal backing piece for the blade to emit from along with the hilt and it looks nothing like a lightsaber

Summer Event companion to Winter Event - i've been pondering this the entirety of the recent winter event, why not a summer event also? Q could still run it of course, have it on some beach/island (on Risa perhaps) with plenty of collectibles to acquire to spend on new summer themed clothing (swimsuits, shorts, wraps, etc), could even have a battle like in the winter event, though i'm thinking crab monsters...maybe centaur like crab monsters...sounds very like Q. Naturally water guns would be the weapons to use (water balloons would be a default weapon until a gun could be obtained): dual water pistols, a rifle that fires a stream, a launcher that flings water balloons? Mmm and definitely need summer themed consumables (Bloodwine Slushie anyone?) and a Summer Tribble by extension.

Argo (or other ground vehicle) racing/driving/combat - the Summer event above could also be a test bed for this, have a dune race in Argo's or other similar ground vehicles. but moving on, while ground combat is fun and so is space combat, i would love to see a customisable ground vehicle in STO, similar to the Argo in Generations, it would open up a whole new game mechanic for players to explore (and you can always offer special vehicles for zen) and new missions based around the vehicles

Thats all for now, perhaps more later (i'm always coming up with new things or remembering others i may have forgotten ^^ stay tuned!)

New Hair for Caitian/Ferasan - i, and many friends, have Caitian and Ferasan captains, and we have bemoaned the woeful state of the number of hairstyles available to the felinoids. Increasing this number by a mere 5 hairstyles would more than quell any grumblings we have about this issue

Dilithium/GPL/Marks trading using Account Bank - now i know this may seem a bit elitist, but i'm a gold player. i pay to have extras in STO. And this here is a big extra to offer Gold Subscribers, or even all players if you feel it should. The ability to use the Account Bank to deposit and share Refined Dilithium(i say refined so that people can only still refine as much as they can acquire normally per day per character), Gold Pressed Latinum and perhaps even Fleet/Romulan/Omega Marks and Lobi Crystals among all your characters on an account. I know with my KDF i have an excess of GPL and refined Dil sitting around doing nothing, whereas my Fed i barely scrape by getting Dil and am always short of GPL after a couple trade assignments

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