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Originally Posted by cers001 View Post
What did you guys think of "sanctuary for the lost"?
I played it today. So here's my personal opinion:

I really appreciate all the time and energy the author spent for creating the characters (-personality) and their background story. Most of the dialogues felt right (Klingon who speaks like a Klingon and so on). The story itself was good and tells me how I got my Jem Hadar BO

The biggest issue of this mission is that it was overload. Nearly everything gave me a feeling of "That's too much of it!".
The dialogues were good but way to long. Some of them were unnecessary (like the Navigationsofficer who apologized for nearly hitting the comet or the "small-talk" with all the commanders on the Aquarius-bridge).
I am deeply sorry but after 1 hour I really lost my interest in the story so I stopped reading and only pressed "f" until it was over.
Same for the Warp-flights. The first few times it was fun but after that it became annoying.

Another example for the feeling of overload was on the cardassian station where I have to scan 9 (!) things in one room. Why not only 2 or 3? The story wouldn't be different if I scan less...

I think this would be a wonderful RP-/Story-Foundry mission if some of the things I listed were reduced. So I hope the author doesn't take my "criticism" personal.

Actually I liked the mission somehow but as I said for me personally it was too much.

Greetings Nahari

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