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01-06-2013, 05:29 AM
Indeed, I agree with you. I put the link and quote up to prevent people from trolling that marines should be this and that... without considering the historical use of specialized naval infantry and QRFs as you propose.

QRFs are definitely valuable for any sort of conflict and it pays to embark such a unit to enhance a starship's capability to resolve local problems.

But on the other hand as we've seen in canon Trek the "Security" and "Operations" departments aboard ship appear to undertake this task rather competently.

Granted most shows show only small away teams (often deployed frighteningly far away from the mothership via shuttlecraft) due perhaps to budgetary reasons, but there are ground combat detachments prominently featured and narrated about in DS9. They don't appear to be a Starfleet Marine Corps organization on its own but draws personnel from the usual 3 branches of Starfleet personnel, albeit detached from their home ship or base.

MACO, etc appear to be closer to a commando or "Delta Force" type outfit deployed only to certain prominent ships. They don't appear to be a "reaction" type force but an elite striking force (hence the "Assault" name), from my perspective.
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