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01-06-2013, 06:05 AM
My hopinion:
- 3x Aux cannons are very intresting as long as you keep aux near 125, this is for PVE obviously.
- Proper BOFF's powers and DOFFS allow you to keep about 121 Shields 121 Aux all time.

Personally i use 3x purple DOFF's that gives chance of reducing cooldown of "emergency power to" named "Damage Control Engineer".
Then add 1x Emergency power to Aux I and 1x Emergency power to Shields II

Keep them in a combo bar that activate both of them every time you press spacebar and you are done, then add one "Warp core engineer" purple doff, and you end up having 90% of time 121/121 aux/shields and even more when the last DOFF power kicks in.

This gives you a very SOLID tank and DPS base using Aux cannons, sincerely, the DPS is a lot better then any beam setup as long as you keep your targets within 2/4km.

Personally the last DOFF is the one who gives shield damage when using tractor beams and i keep 2x tractor beam I abilities so i can pin down targets and hammer them with cannons while i keep their shields low.

these are my 2 cents.