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01-06-2013, 06:16 AM
all the links from the first post are from Bridge cimmander modded or not cryptic cannot use private designs unless through contests or CBS says they like the design and allow it.

as for cryptic making their own ships. they do, but all of them must be approved by cbs as well. i however miss the old skin packs that arent around anymore. some of them looked truly awesome.

even "canon" designs have limitations to CBS's authority on if they want it in game or not. the biggest example of this is the constitution class ship, and her sister ships from the excalibur to the Exter. the constitution is strictly forbidden from a T5 version, which is why the Cruisers of T2 are not allowed Fleet variants, even if you dont add in the connie skin options, these ships, and the miranda from T1 are expressly forbidden from ever becoming T5.
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