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*OOC: I forget the Valiant is what class again? Just trying to get my facts straight.*

*The Conference is now starting to fill with delegates, The Federation, Republic, Klingons searching the grounds.*

*Dorman is patrolling around with his own men, finding explosives black market old types, The Klingons are searching the people for weapons and detonators. Even skin and teeth. They have pulled 13 people off to the side for questioning. Preston is pacing around the office. This is too easy.*

Preston: *James is sitting off in a chair in the office.* We are finding would be assassins and bombs too easily...

James: I still can't imagine why someone would want to destroy civilization that has progressed into something closer to the future.

Preston: The individual believes something else entirely. He believes that the universe is heading down the wrong path, it is possible that he thinks that M was a newtype. He is wrong in that assumption, M was a artificial bio android given a few abilities to link with Cortana and not much else. His reconstruction by the synthesizers has also shown that he was indeed modified some. All M was being was a mass murdering revolutionary.

James: I don't think we are going to find the assassin in the traditional sense. Given the reach I suspect he has.

Preston: Fair idea... Split up.