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My hopinion:
- 3x Aux cannons are very intresting as long as you keep aux near 125, this is for PVE obviously.
- Proper BOFF's powers and DOFFS allow you to keep about 121 Shields 121 Aux all time.

Personally i use 3x purple DOFF's that gives chance of reducing cooldown of "emergency power to" named "Damage Control Engineer".
Then add 1x Emergency power to Aux I and 1x Emergency power to Shields II

Keep them in a combo bar that activate both of them every time you press spacebar and you are done, then add one "Warp core engineer" purple doff, and you end up having 90% of time 121/121 aux/shields and even more when the last DOFF power kicks in.

This gives you a very SOLID tank and DPS base using Aux cannons, sincerely, the DPS is a lot better then any beam setup as long as you keep your targets within 2/4km.

Personally the last DOFF is the one who gives shield damage when using tractor beams and i keep 2x tractor beam I abilities so i can pin down targets and hammer them with cannons while i keep their shields low.

these are my 2 cents.
I also usually use the Damage control engineers (when not in a cruiser with plenty low rank eng slots).

And aside from the Tractor beam officer, Gravimetric doffs (either GW or Tyken's rift variety) can also come in useful, possibly even Deflector doffs depending on the sci abilities you use.

Lastly, don't forget about packing either 2 Tac teams or 1 complemented with 2 Conn officers (of the tac team variety).

I wouldn't call it a tank though, lately I have the misfortune of getting aggro from any and all borg in STFs (did most of the good old players really leave after season 7?) with pretty much any build and my non-cruiser ships tend to have trouble. I feel I'll have to limit my offensive powers to make room for more defense.
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