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01-06-2013, 09:45 AM

this is kinda my pvp build. some skill points are off. also some skill points you dont need.

i run tet glider with the adapted maco sheilds. i run 2 con doffs for my omega. it kinda is a must to beef up dps. that omega 3 is deadly. and math shows with omega 3 and 2x rapid fires2 is the best possibly dps. parse it if you want to see that for yourself. now i do use delta because in pvp beta is usless. but for pve delta is good as well. it will add resist to your ship or you can go with a beta to put on npc. you dont need points in bats or subsystem rep. really the tact skill t5 starship energy wep you dont need any points. that skill is not working. so the points are wasted. ( its been tested on tirbble) bug reports will not be sent due to beilef the server will not beable to handle the calcs on that skill, ie major server lag if it had too.

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