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*Preston is underneath the postion. Flashlight on and using his more than his given senses. *

*The air is dense and heavy. Warm with all the people coming in. But there is a evil here.. Like a large gargoyle. *

Preston: *Taps his comm.* Daniel. Found it. Its a generator... but if we move it. It will explode. *The machine begins to beep louder..*

Damn it. I need a bomb squad now!
Daniel *Comm.*: Damn! Forrester, check beneath your position! Alpha Team, move in and disarm that bomb before it goes off!

*A bomb squad runs to Preston's position and begins examining the bomb.*

Tech: Looks like an XK37 Unit. Republic tech.

*He removes the faceplate to reveal the detonation assembly.*

Remote detonator by the looks of it. Looks like a long range transceiver. You're bomber is probably in orbit.

I can disarm it.

*He places an EMP charge on the casing and activates a jamming field.*


*He cuts a connection with a laser cutter*

Got it!

*The Generator stops beeping and goes silent, but keeps emitting Omega Particles.*

Okay... that was too easy.

*He removes the detonation assembly to look at the generator itself.*

Right, this I can't deactivate. The motion sensor's still active, and there's a transport inhibitor in place.

*Matt's position. He sees a human walk into the Romulan booth behind Tarok. Matt sees a brief yellow flash.*

Matt: Forrester to all points. I've got a human New-Type inside the Romulan Booth.

*A Romulan Guard drags the assassin off and discovers it's an android made to mimic a New-Type. If they hadn't found it, they'd have never realised it was an android.*

Romulan Guard: Takor to all points. Target neutralised.

*He deactivates the android.*

Daniel *Comm.*: Nice job, Forrester. You and Preston keep looking. T'mar, don't let Allington out of your sight. If she's gonna move, she'll have to do it soon.

I'll keep monitoring the security channel.

*OOC: To make something clear, Matt is using both a channel to Preston, T'mar, and Daniel, aswell as a Security Channel as part of security. Daniel's just using a Channel to T'mar, Matt, and Preston, but is listening to the Security Channel.*

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