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01-06-2013, 10:16 AM
Originally Posted by kerven01 View Post
The worst part about the web is that even though a node is selected, sometimes weapons with 360 firing arcs (turrets, kinetic cutting beam) don't seem to know it's there and refuse to fire. Combine that with the all-too-frequent weapons offline for ~10sec and... Well, it's not a lot of fun!.
The main problem is some of the nodes are on the inside, while others are on the outside. If you're trapped, you can only shoot at the inside ones. I normally just rotate the camera, spam Tab, and as soon as I get a bite, open fire. Do that a couple of times and the entire web collapses (or at least gives you plenty of holes to escape through).

It's a bit annoying how quickly enemy ships can chew their way out of my own Weaver's webs compared to me escaping from an NPC one, though