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01-06-2013, 10:22 AM
STO is the second game i play with longevity (years)

why i'Ve left WOW? cause i realized there is no interesting story, and to re-do the 25 man raids for the 40th time, waiting for another 24 people to get it right, hoping for a drop, and then not getting it, or even getting it is not really satisfying, and what is worse, there is no other way to play the game.
- ok, i then lvled myself a few PVP toons and got into it, then they nerfed subtlety behind recognition and that was it for me.

why i left the PVP game Bloodline Champions? a HUGE FUNNY game, but it is not funny to wait 25 minutes for a match which goes for 2 minutes..

why i still come back to STO? (i've had my breaks, lasting to 8 months)
- cause i LOVE Trek
- i love the PVP
- the devs are talking to us and if they are not telling the truth all the time, they aren't lying either
- i still hope for Romulan faction
- i like the system, and overall, it is a good, funny game with nice people and lovely zone chat

the i quit threads are
- unhealthy for community
- the persons which "quit" tend to come back anyway, cause the ones who wanna quit just quit and don't do this forum thing

Cryptic needs to do money and it is fine. i still try to give them some once in a while and i hope they will do their best. and the Romulan faction _

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