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Originally Posted by stark2k View Post
This ^ - I'll take a page from Poster curs0r

It is almost if you are enticing every Troller to hop on your train and ride the gravy train, instant Troll bait.

But I'll give you my reply:

Am I content with all the Season 7 Changes?

I still have issues with S7 in general, however; the Devs have made some effort to better the situation.

In regards to the Rep system:

Do I like it? No

What can I say, I am old school & despite the newly Rep system making it easier for 100% of the playerbase, the system still requires a cost & cheapens the status of endgame gear.

Typically in most MMO's endgame gear should be very difficult to come by - Take for example TERA; only one or two people out of the entire gaming community on the server has the complete endgame set of armor.

It should be a testament of your mettle, an accomplishment that you have endured, outwitted your foe, and that you have overcome impossible odds.

The Rep system just gives it away like a gift certificate with Dilithium cost to it.

To everyone's defense though, the nature of STO endgame was sadly implemented - it was suppose to be an endgame dungeon - but they made it into a slugfest where the Borg can instant kill you with invisible torps doing 9999999999999999999999 damage.

My hope is that Cryptic truly make another endgame dungeon that only a few can obtain the endgame gear - It should be a true and challenging dungeon, where one must outwit, gear up properly, and support one another with only one drop to be voted on.

make us a true Endgame dungeon for both space and Ground.

A New Mk XIII Set.
As much as I appreciate your great opinoins, I am gonnaa say NO Thank you to this. I have yet to truly even start this new system past Tier 1 and you want a level 13. Sorry this may be 2013, but lets keep all things to level 12.