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01-06-2013, 10:43 AM
*Dorman is standing in Preston's ready room hanging his head... Hate and rage flowing through him.. Wax mumbles a klingon song... Admiral Bright stunned.*

Preston: *man clad in black and a dark heavy helmet on covering his face enters. Dorman stops hanging his head and looks up the familiar feeling of this new person.* Now Admiral Dorman.. You will await orders at the conference. Wax. You will be Captain with this field promotion in the absence of Admiral James. Admiral Bright. You will be tasked with rebuilding the starfleet and welcoming our Klingon friends to the fold. That is all.

*They leave one at a time.*

*The man in black turns his head to Preston.*

Preston: Trust me til we find who did this we need to be careful. Go find him and bring him to me.