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# 1 Repackaging Lock Box Ships
01-06-2013, 10:52 AM
So i was thinking i have alot of ships myself and i dont really use them all so i was thinking of a few ideas to make future use of them in 1 way or another.

An ability to repackage a ship to sell or trade was an idea i was looking at but how to make it a "fair" system for those that wished to use it.

I was considering along the lines of the research route to repackage ships where by the particular ship, the special mods/weapons that came with it, some zen/ec/gpl or commodities be used in conjunction with doffs to have a chance at repacking the ship but you would also have a fail chance and could possibly loose everything.

So my example of how it could work would be the following required to complete action:

1) Tholian orb weaver + thermionic torpedo launcher + tholian web console

2) Trade doff, Maintenance doff, Technician doff, Quartermaster doff, Research lab scientist doff all with required skills to be determined.

3) 1000 Zen + 50,000 Experinece points + 50,000 Gold pressed Latinum

So thats an example of me wanting to repackage my orb weaver and roughly costs that could be associated with the research project, but for the project itself would be the following:

1) Research difficulty - Extreme

2) 5% Crit Success - Ship is repackaged plus 10% of costs required to complete action are refunded.

3) 38% Success - Ship is repackaged.

4) 30% Failure - Repacking ship was a failure, ship and mods returned, 750 Zen, 37500 Experinece points, 37500 GPL returned also, some losses incured due to fail attempt.

5) 27% Crit Failure - Ship and mods and all costs deposited lost due to embezlement of the project by unknown thieves.

So the above % for success and failure are before any doff's or associated skills are applied.

The results are the following:

1) Opportunities to repackage and sell ships for players,

2) Investment for Cryptic via more spending opportunity

3) Increased ingame economy

4) Making GPL a bit more useful in game rather than a stagnant currency.

I hope this is recieved well and gets support as i believe it to be a worthy proposal.