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01-06-2013, 11:52 AM
Originally Posted by hachans View Post
Some people just refrain from using absolutes when they speak. And it's also true that you should never say never. Things might change in the future.

However, it's been stated by the devs over and over again that they do not manipulate the market. And why should they? If zen gets too expensive to buy people will stop using real money to pay for it. Obviously that hasn't happened since there's a steady inflow of zen to the dilithium exchange. There might not be anything in the c-store worth buying for those of us who has been around since the dawn of times in the game, but for new players there's still plenty of fun things to burn your zen on and it's easy to get some good equipment in the dilithium store.

So, how about we all take our tinfoil hats off and we can get back to playing the game and enjoying some cheap zen?
Sorry but i will keep the tinfoil hat on - Jan always see's a HUGE drop off in consumer spending - especially items that are non-essential - people pull back after holiday blitz. But the Buying of Zen with real dollars and exchanging to dilthium seems to be getting stronger the lower the price goes - ie less dilithium you get. So a)Either Cryptic is pushing the price down or B)people are selling their children and their blood at a fevered pace to buy Zen to exchange for dilthium at only 85/1