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After they leave J"Tal stands before sam deactivates the field and steps into the cell and reactivates the field.

J"Tal: I know you where just trying to do what is right

he also puts a mental block in the cell so no one can know what they say or think.

J'Tal: deep down though you know it was wrong and now you have heart the man you loved and loves you. All together now i have seen a great deal of sacrifice in my life. Some for good reasons and some for not so good reasons.Captain to save these people i need your help.If not for me do it for the man who loves you. Tell me everything i need to know.
*Sam doesn't respond, and tries to move away from J'tal.*


Daniel: I know you're angry, Preston, but try and remember that she's just lost a close friend. Talking to anyone right now may be too painful for her.

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