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01-06-2013, 12:49 PM
I love this game and don't get me wrong I don't hate how they did sector space and space combat but it does not feel endless.

Firstly it feels small and after doing a trial on Eve Online recently, I realised how small STO actually feels. I know Eve is more of a space simulator, but in comparison to even Bridge Commander it feels very small. Having to corkscrew around to get to the top of the map get's irritating after a while.

I wish they did away with the sector space in all honesty and made it open like Eve, where your ship would enter warp and you'd travel quickly to the next system without having to hit loading screens. A finer level of detail when it comes to space would be appreciated and the size scaling to be fixed would be nice too.

I love the combat, but at times it doesn't feel very bold and epic like some of the great battles in the movies or series for me. I wish they took a few more lessons from Bridge Commander and SFC Series as those were great space combat games and also changed the shield settings to the following:

I do remember a while back Dstahl had mentioned something about wanting open space and removing the borders of each sector block. Maybe by doing this it would allow for that endless space feel, especially when you go into warp to another system. I'd just prefer them to put more effort into refining what we have, as oppose to all the new ships we keep getting & new content. I'd love to eventually have access to an entire system like the Sol system.

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