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i am so sick of all the rubberbanding and lag spikes in this game.. it has been a problem since season3 almost what, 2 and half years ago...

now i know everyone is gonna say, hey, maybe its ur rig, internet connection, blah blah blah.. but i play 2 other games of equal quality to this game.. (rift, and swtor) and i do not rubberband or lag really at all in those two games.. not to mention, my computer is far superior to the requirments for this game, and it gets monthly tune ups, and software scans.. im kinda one of those if its new, its for me guys.. lol.. i am not running windows 8 either..

im just kinda sick of it, and i see other people complaining about it as well.. would be nice if for the three year anniversery, they get rid of a bug that has been alive almost as long as the game...

ok, rant done..