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Originally Posted by maicake716 View Post
Except that EVERY science drain ability is reduced by power insulators. So u buff tachyon beam and buff power insulators but OH NO! Now turns rift, charged partial burst, target subsystems etc etc are now even more useless!

I get around 650 or so per tick (x that by 10 since theres 10 ticks) on my tachyon beam 3. Maybe you're just not specd right?
I think the point he was getting at is they have a means to boost the base of Sci powers across the board for better PvE performance and adjust the resist effects of power insulators to keep Sci from being OP in PvP.

This won't work in reality unfortunately for a couple of reasons:

1. They insist on "balancing" things around 99 skillpoints rather than what people can achieve if they actually made an effort to boost let alone max a skill.

2. They insist on resists working better vs Boff powers than spam and gear based powers. There's a reason why spec'd tet glider and those Lobi shield strippng mines are better than boff powers. Not to mention base Tykens vs Tykens w/Doffs and draining pets.

Sci's unfortunately have more and more needed borderline OP Doffs to boost their Boff abilities and or gear/pets. Imo, it's like this b/c they feel they make $ off rare very rare doffs (the ones only available via doff packs) and the pets/ships' consoles/gadgets.

Edit: Not sure what it's returns are anymore, but the TB (tractor beam) drain doffs used to be good. Iirc I used to be able to get over 1k w/the Tractor/Tach beams and doffs. I never found the Tach Beam turnrate doff all that effective vs ships w/quality innate turnrates. But, I haven't tested that in awhile either.

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