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01-06-2013, 02:33 PM
i have done everything they have said to no avail. i have lived in two different states since i started playing. used three different internet providers..

the simple fact is, they did something along the line that kinda messed stuff up, and i have seen less rubberbanding, but it is still there, fairly regularly..

but again, i have run their diognostice, i have changed settings they have asked me too, and have done everything they have said in my past tickets.. nothing has changed.. therefore, my only guess is that it is on their end.. i am out of options as the player..

i understand how that can infuriate you, but the only reason i stated my rig was up to date was because that is the first question they asked me.. lol.. i have passed all diognostics. i only made my statemenst of it not being me cause it is not me... at first i thought it was, so i baught a new graphics card (not mad about it as it runs rift better lol.. i have even swapped out all of my ram.. and even got a new network card..

again, i have done EVERYTHING they have laid out on the table for me to do... i have even had friends who are tech support and software engineers check it out.. but i do grow tired that i have done my part, and appearently its not on my part..