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01-06-2013, 02:59 PM
which i live 30 minutes from boston.. they have told me of this issue before.. that is why its been almost three years since i have complained.. i have been told time and time again that they experience problems with "mirrors" all over the place..

and i even second guessed if i had done enouph on my end cause i moved to minn. and experienced the same problems.. so once again, i tore my machine a new A**hole so to speak lol.. rewiped my hard drive, started over.. did everything i have been told by cryptic, friends, even the tech guy i work with.. and still no answer..

and the thing that made me doubt in the past weather it was me or them was i have friends who dont have rubberbanding issues, fleeties, and whatnot.. but i am 150% confident it is not me anymore..

also, i know to most that it doesnt matter that i can play other games such as rift latency free, but the only thing in the whole wide world that i experience latencey with is sto.. my vent, teamspeak, normal internet operations, wow, tor, rift, upload download, is uneffected by latency..

and i know that the quality of my rig (good or bad) has little effect on latencey. the only reason i bring it up is it was one of the first things they looked at.. asking me about my ram, my processor, my graphics card, my cooling.. making sure that i wasnt experiencing something that wasnt latencey before trouble shooting it..

but it is irritating, and seems to be getting worse.. so i would hope that they could come up with a fix, and if this company in boston doesnt want to fix it, then find out who other gaming companies use, and make a contract with them... lol.. cause they dont have the same problems..