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Originally Posted by maicake716 View Post
Except that EVERY science drain ability is reduced by power insulators. So u buff tachyon beam and buff power insulators but OH NO! Now turns rift, charged partial burst, target subsystems etc etc are now even more useless!
He's arguing to make all of those stronger, and then balance them around what PI does now so they are more useful not less.

He's arguing for a BUFF to Sci powers like Tachyon Beam.

I'm not sure if what he's suggesting would actually accomplish that, but basically in a roundabout way he's arguing for a separation of PvE and PvP numbers for BOFF powers (and probably captain abilities).

This is something that should have happened a long time ago in this game, but hasn't.

Ultimately you can't balance something like Sci, and have a full suite of functioning powers that are both effective and useful vs. NPCs with 250k to 2 million hull and tens of thousands of shield points and also be balance to face a player with 45-60K Hull and 9k to 22K shields.

Originally Posted by maicake716 View Post
I get around 650 or so per tick (x that by 10 since theres 10 ticks) on my tachyon beam 3. Maybe you're just not specd right?
You mean you get 650 per tick before the opponent's PI is calculated.

Which even vs. just 6 ranks is about 370ish and plenty of pieces of endgame equipment all add PI (+24 PI for Borg MK XI Deflector, +17.5 for OMEGA Deflector, +19.7 for the Romulan ZPE Conduit for example)

Originally Posted by p2wsucks View Post
1. They insist on "balancing" things around 99 skillpoints rather than what people can achieve if they actually made an effort to boost let alone max a skill.
From the re-design on the skill tree we can infer this is because they do not balance the game around extreme ends of either the low or high performance spectrum and seem to balance towards the larger breadth of players in the middle.

Balancing around the max upper end would most likely see them simply adding diminishing returns to Sci console skill stacking. I wouldn't like to see that happen, personally.

Originally Posted by p2wsucks View Post
2. They insist on resists working better vs Boff powers than spam and gear based powers. There's a reason why spec'd tet glider and those Lobi shield strippng mines are better than boff powers. Not to mention base Tykens vs Tykens w/Doffs and draining pets.
This part I agree with, I can only assume as you do that it's a monetary driven motivation.

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