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*Elsewhere in the galaxy. The Black clad operative drops into a facility within unclaimed space in the Gamma Quadrant.. The facility is heavily guarded, as guards pass by him hiding in the shadows. He quickly but quietly sneaks by them he notices that the facility is a sort of cloning facility and conditioning center. *

Scientist: How are the subjects handling the reconditioning?

Scientist 2: Everything is nominal.

*Screams of horror and agony as seated copies of Sam and others are strapped to chairs with headset visors covering their faces.*

*Slowly he sneaks in and knocks out one of the scientists and then gabs the other at blade point which is set on its neck.*

Man: What is this facility *deep, voice emulator like voice.*

Scientist: Go screw yourself

Man: *presses the blade harder into the neck but not enough to penetrate.* Tell me.

Scientist: Its a cloning and conditioning facility, for not just operatives. But to make better artificial newtypes.

Man: Explain all on here.. *Produces a omni tool recorder.*

*The scientist starts to explain, and when he explains and finishes.*

Man: Who has given you all of this funding and operational funds and the subjects.

Scientist: I dunno.. I am not the head scientist.

Man: Where can I find him.

Scientist: East wing... room 34.

Man: *Knocks him out.*