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# 1 Tric mine B'rel
01-06-2013, 03:45 PM
I've been asked by a friend to help her build a tric mine bop, now I have a few ideas but I have only ever built 1 BoP... ever (On a side note however it does perform at the same level as an eng/scort). I told her to roll a tac for it

So here is what I have in mind right now:

Fore: 3x Cheap energy type though decent DHCs (Likely tets) and a torp launcher (Trics?)
Aft: 2x Tric Mine launcher

Something cheap but good qual until full KHG

Boffs: (Here is where I am really struggling)
CMDR Tac: TT1, CRF 1, AP:O1, DP:B3
LTC Tac/Eng/Sci (Really can't choose): HYT1/TS1 (TS if lvl1 affects trics), CSV1, AP:O1 / EPtE1, EPtA2, Aux2SIF2 (If torps AND mines drop-able while cloaked else 2x EPtS) / PH1, TSS2, HE3 (I have a sci toon who can train this)
LT Tac/Eng/Sci: HYT1/TS1, CSV1 / EPtS1/E/A, Aux2SIF1 / PH1/HE1, TSS2
LT (As last LT)

I'm thinking use the LTC for Sci, 1 Lt for eng and the other Lt for Tac allowing for quick but very painful hit and runs with a good focus on the damage dealing and the escape with a decent heal once cloaked

Eng: Borg, 2x Neutronium
Sci: Something that helps with trics if any sci do else stealth gens
Tac: 3x Tric boost/2xtric and 1 Energy

Play style: Remain cloaked as much as possible dropping high numbers of high powered tric mines only using the energy weapons as a last resort to land a large blow with the forward tric launcher using the disruption effect to escape combat and cloak to recover and wait out the tric cooldowns.

Any and all suggestions and advice welcome
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