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Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
It's not that I have a glum view of them not fixing anything, it's more along the lines of I have a glum view of how they chose to do this game. I actually agree with the fact that the masses of HP and shields are silly. Doing that with the NPCs made it so that they cannot really balance that with the PvP portion.

As was stated, there's a pretty big difference between an NPC with 300k hp and 25k shields and a player with 58k hp and 10k shields. You can't really design a weapon to fight one without making it imbalanced for the other.

It's stupid yes, but that's how they've chosen to do things, and as a result, it makes things awkward when adjusting/using certain powers.
Well it's only silly the game was intended to be a full fledged PvP game.

On the other hand for PvE, this would be one of many PvE MMOs where "endgame" or even "trash mobs" had off the scale HP/Resistances/Immunities and usually couldn't (or at least were not designed to be) solo'd by any player.

Anyone who has played any other Cryptic games can tell you that what they design are PvE games.

That doesn't mean PvP should be abandoned, but it never gets anything more than half measures at best - and when it does get some attention it generally upsets the larger PvE playerbase.

This is why I think they should separate the numbers and effects for PvP & PvE, and then focus on properly balancing PvP with a completely free hand and input from the PvP die hards who generally have a better idea of how most things work in PvP than the devs do.