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01-06-2013, 04:31 PM
The best option for a tric bomber is a brel...

Honesty playing one energy weapons are a no go if your going to min max for kinetic dmg... honeslty play a brel and stay cloaked...

Here I'll give you my 2 favorite builds... to be honest I don't play the brel tric bomb build as often as I play the standard Quantum kinetic killer version.

Trico Bomber Version

I run 3 Quantums and a Tric up front with 2 mines in rear... 3 Projectile Doffs... and 2 Hazard doffs.
Power settings 25 25 50 100... If I get decloaked I jam, if I have to I use my FULL aux TSS 1 + a Shield Bat until I can recloak... using Brace for impact with 2 hazard doffs... I rarely get caught while cloaking.

I run 2 neuts and a tac crit console (I think I have the lobi one on right now)... 3 flow caps... and I flip flow from quantum and tric dmg consoles. {Edit I think I only run one neut these days I as like the ferengi console for the extra torp / mine dmg}

As you can see its not built to go toe to toe with soemone unless you have the upper hand... Pick your shots and you can kill folk reliably... CPB 2 Tachyon 2 at full aux are better then people think at removing enough shield that a HY 3 round of torps will start hitting hull.

However THIS is my current kinetic brel build... and I find it more fun to fly then the trico bomber... and frankly they are about to get a needed nerf batting so its good to know you have options.

I run 3 Quantums... + harpeng
1 quantum mine... and 1 Breen Cluster in the rear.

Same power settings and a more in your face attack strategy... I close to around 5k tachyon - HY 3 - HY 2 - Scramble - CPB - Shockwave... and in many cases its lights... if not as i pass I launch the Breen cluster... and then as I am still cloaked I setup for run 2 if I need to.

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