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From the re-design on the skill tree we can infer this is because they do not balance the game around extreme ends of either the low or high performance spectrum and seem to balance towards the larger breadth of players in the middle.

Balancing around the max upper end would most likely see them simply adding diminishing returns to Sci console skill stacking. I wouldn't like to see that happen, personally.

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Here's the problem w/that. The resists perform too well @ 99 skill points since it's balanced around 99 skill points. Not matter how many points are put into Flow Caps for example the returns are such the resists skill points needed are much less. What I'd like is actually a greater return the more you invest in something w/the exception of resists which need "diminishing returns" to prevent not only immunity but in theory gains from being attacked w/Sci abilities. Resists aren't really diminishing if for example each time 25 points is added you get 10% so it's 10% of 100, than 10% of 90, than 10% of 81 etc, conversely for Sci Skill it would be base + 10% compounded.

This brings up another issue, Sci Skills and their counters have bad Tier assignments. Flow Caps, it a T1 skill and it boosts weapon procs as well a great number of skills. Power insulaters is a T2 and it resists nearly all skills. It's too easy to spec into either of those given the power of them.