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Originally Posted by f2pdrakron View Post
Zen is not dead currency.

Zen is used to pay for account services and items, the exchange is simply reflecting that people dont exactly have a need for Zen Store items and services because Cryptic overused Dilithium as a currency (that was pre-season 6 a "dead currency") and brought its value up, not Zen is devalued since its actual exchange rate is tied real world currencies.

Your idea is gambling, Lockbox is already pushing it and as long they pad it with "items of equal worth" is not gambling but your suggestion is without a doubt gambling because it would cost roughly $10 to try and people could LOSE the money, not to say Zen is in nu way tied to the game, the only thing that connects to it is the Dilithium exchange that itself is NOT directly part of the game.

There is no flexibility in here to have, you either use the ship or sell it, you are simply trying to get a "test drive" out of it ... if you dont want the ship, sell the box as its not BoP.
Obviously you never read properly my proposal as i said GOLD PRESSED LATINUM is the dead currency. I know what Zen is ive been here long enough, my lack of posts does not equal my sum knowledge of the game or functions.

Yes my idea is gambling in a way but you think Cryptic would approve this sort of change without earnings as a company. Cryptic are a business and to survive they need revenue, my idea give those that opened a box to try a ship/console/armor or what ever a chance to try sell the items they did not like/didnt suit a particular playstyle while giving cryptic revenue to help keep this game going for new stuff to be released down the line.

Yes there is a risk to loose all or some but as ive already said it is an idea, the end possbible losses are not set in stone and Cryptic get something back also. Balance in system.

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