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01-06-2013, 05:24 PM
I'm only recently coming back (started back up in Novemner after a year hiatus). Prior to the hiatus, I experimented with playing the STF. Between the internet connection (I was in Iraq at the time) and the fact that the ground STF's seemed to require a level of coordination that you couldn't get with a PUG typing over chat, I gave up trying to get good loot. Space was far easier to play, yet I never got lucky.

I played SWTOR, which originally had a universally disliked RNG system for endgame loot on Ilum. Between that and the overdone RNG on World of Tanks, I have a fond hatred of RNG.

To paraphrase a poster on the SWTOR forums (again, his words not mine) "What if the dev's paycheck was setup on an RNG? Have them role once a month. If your number comes up you get paid, if not, oh well. That's how we feel."

I'm sure I butured that, but you get the gist. The reputation system seems to be an attempt to get off the RNG, and I applaude that. However, I will acknowledge the grind involved. Infact, IMHO that is its major failing; the system as it stands now rewards patience more than anything else.

Truth be told, it does nothing but continue to perpetuate the (very true, at this point) notion of Asian/Asian-run MMORPGs being nothing but a long grindfest for no reason other than having a long grindfest for the hell of it. I figure either up the rewards or lower the prices.
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